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A trip to the eye doctor should be a positive experience for your child

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

You should expect your child to like their doctor and enjoy their visit. Dr. Squeri has dedicated her career and practice to treating children and providing the best care as well as best experience during and after your child’s visit.

Here are some additional pointers:

  • Less preparation is generally best!

  • Talk positively about your child’s visit and how they will enjoy seeing the eye doctor.

  • Make the appointment for a time of day that is good for your child. They should be well rested and fed, and not over stimulated.

  • Please bring any current eyeglasses or contacts and reports from their previous eye exams to our office at the time of the visit.

  • If you were referred to our office, please bring the name and number of the referring doctor or professional and any relevant reports/ diagnosis.

Pediatric Optometry and Vision Care-A trip to the eye doctor should be a positive experience for your child


Our website provides info regarding common eye health conditions that may require specialized care, vision therapy for children or adults with strabismus, convergence insufficiency, or amblyopia performed by an experienced pediatric optometrist / developmental optometrist.

Call 911 to seek help for medical emergencies.

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