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Insurance Information

Every visit to Pediatric Optometry & Vision Care is a personalized experience. 

Dr. Squeri has dedicated her practice to caring for children and will customize each visit to your child’s age, abilities, and specific needs. She will personally devote her time and attention to you and your child in a cheerful, child-friendly office environment.

Dr. Squeri is not a participating provider with health insurance plans. Payment is due at the time of the appointment by Cash, Credit/Debit Card, FSA/HSA Flexible/Health Spending Accounts, Zelle, or Venmo.

Generally, a first-time comprehensive exam is $240.00.

For information & pricing regarding other types of appointments (contact lens fittings, binocular vision evaluations, vision therapy, etc.), please email your questions to


Our website provides info regarding common eye health conditions that may require specialized care, vision therapy for children or adults with strabismus, convergence insufficiency, or amblyopia performed by an experienced pediatric optometrist / developmental optometrist.

Call 911 to seek help for medical emergencies.

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