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Pediatric Optometry and Vision Care


Christine D. Squeri, O.D.

Dr. Christine Squeri has dedicated her academic and professional career exclusively to pediatric optometry.  For over 20 years, parents have depended on Dr. Squeri to provide specialized eye care for children from infants to teens.  Her practice is passionate about bringing a new level of eye care to the community for the many families in the area who are looking for a pediatric optometrist they can trust.

A Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in Philadelphia, Christine Squeri, O.D. has achieved a number of accomplishments throughout her career, including the award for Clinical Excellence in Primary Care as well as the Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society award.  


After completing her residency in pediatric optometry at The Eye Institute at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Dr. Squeri began her private practice career as a practitioner at a top-ranked pediatric ophthalmology practice, University Children’s Eye Center in East Brunswick, NJ.  There she was the primary pediatric optometrist who helped establish and develop a full service optometry program including routine eye exams, contact lens prescriptions and fittings, binocular vision exams, vision therapy, pre- and post-op surgical orthoptics, complex and special-needs exams.


Dr. Squeri has a passion for helping children.  In addition to raising her two boys with her husband on the Upper East Side, Dr. Squeri has volunteered in Central America to assist patients in Guatemala for preventative and clinical eye care and treatment.  She remains active in her community as a school parent leader and volunteer. Dr. Squeri also spent two years on the development board at the Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago where she was instrumental in raising funds for board-sponsored research and other projects having direct impact on patients and families.

Dr. Squeri understands your child’s health and wellness concerns extend beyond routine eye care.  At Pediatric Optometry and Vision Care, we will work closely with your pediatrician, school, teachers and other education professionals to ensure there are no refractive errors or binocular vision conditions negatively affecting your child's ability to learn.  In addition, we will not hesitate to refer to other specialists if alternative care is required.

Dr. Squeri also provides vision therapy services for children and adults who have weak eye muscles causing eye strain, headaches, loss of place while doing near work and other symptoms caused by eye teaming disorders.  In addition, she is experienced in treating binocular vision deficiencies and other visual disturbances caused by Traumatic Brain Injury (concussion). These cases may require a trial and error approach with vision therapy, prisms or other treatments.


At Pediatric Optometry and Vision Care, you will find caring professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality personalized eye care with access to state-of-the-art technologies, most current research and most modern facilities.  We value our patient and parent relationships by continuously striving to improve vision wellness, eye education and overall quality of life through uncompromised service. Dr. Squeri and staff are dedicated to meeting the pediatric vision care needs of the community.


We invite you to refer your friends and family to tour our comprehensive website to learn more about our patient services, further your knowledge of children's eyes or to schedule an appointment.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us with specific enquiries or contact us by phone directly at our office.  


We’re here to help!

Our website provides info regarding common eye health conditions that may require specialized care, vision therapy for children or adults with strabismus, convergence insufficiency, or amblyopia performed by an experienced pediatric optometrist / developmental optometrist.

Call 911 to seek help for medical emergencies.

Dr. Christine Squeri
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