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We love helping our patients stay healthy and happy.

You can conveniently schedule your appointment online or contact our office.

For common questions you may want to visit our FAQ page.  Most patients find it very helpful.  We also have an EyeQ Education page to assist patients in learning more about their eyes.

Feel free to contact us by either emailing or filling in your information on the right and clicking send to message us.  You can also call our office at 212.410.1291 

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Pediatric Optometry & Vision Care

1080 Fifth Ave #1C (btw 89th & 90th)

New York, NY 10128

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Our website provides info regarding common eye health conditions that may require specialized care, vision therapy for children or adults with strabismus, convergence insufficiency, or amblyopia performed by an experienced pediatric optometrist / developmental optometrist.

Call 911 to seek help for medical emergencies.

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